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Join the global co-creation party

Do you want to share your skills and create with your fellow artists around the world? Iimmii is the right place to be!


We believe that collaboration allows artists and their projects to break past the individual imagination and creativity. When we mix styles, genres, artists, media or fields of art and design, then we allow for a truly unexpected outcome. It’s an opportunity to provoke or be provoked, to interact, to grow, to improvise and - have fun.

Wait, what is this exactly?

iimmii is an online collaborative platform where two artists share a virtual creation space through their artistic interaction.
Name "iimmii" is derived from Latin word immisceo meaning to intermingle, blend, mix in.
Two collaborators exchange artistic interventions until the piece of art is done. Some sort of art ping-pong or a chess game. Very simple and straightforward.

How does it work?


Just a few steps to your iimmii world:


1. send a request together with few lines about you and a profile photo to info@iimmii.org

We would like to present you to the world. If you wish you could also send us a link of your work, it will be displayed on your profile.


2. After you get your login and password you are set to upload your first move.


IMPORTANT: technical specs of your work must be 70 x 100 cm (27.5 x 39.3 inches), 300 dpi, PSD file.


It’s important we get this in the right resolution – we’ll be making exhibitions all over the world. Your work can be done in any media: analog or digital drawing or photography, 3d render, architectural drawing, scan, painting… anything that can fit the technical specs.


3. Open upload and just drop your first creation in there. Same with download – just drag the uploaded work to your computer.


4. Wait for the other collaborator to do the intervention on your initial move… or do the intervention on the initial move you’ve received. And then upload it again. (Please note that once you upload, you cannot go back to your move, but that’s ok, the next move is yours). And so on.

5. The co-creation ends if one of two collaborators express the wish to end it by writing to info@iimmii.org or if time runs out. The project ends on February 10th, 2017 at midnight, CET.

Also, click here for a youtube tutorial on how to use the platform.

Theme: My world is a spectacle

We also propose a theme for you. We would like to use this opportunity and reflect upon our societies in current manner. Our inspiration for the thematic proposal was Guy Debord and his definition of Societies of Spectacle. The year behind us paints a picture of disjointed worlds where many forces are pulling us apart. Exactly 100 years ago Dadaism tried to warn the world about the mindlessness of destruction becoming a global voice against it. Today, as the screens of all technologies flicker, we seem to stay mute and inanimate. Could we, perhaps, offer a counterweight and send a different signal into this Junkspace?

We think we can.

Click here to download the thematic statement.

Useful tips

Please keep in mind that both creation and destruction are part of the creative process. You are not obliged to be “nice” to your collaborator – your task is to make a piece of art better. That’s how both collaborators get the most out of it.

Also, this is not a competition. It’s an act of coming together through art.To make this work, both collaborators should communicate only through the piece of art they are creating.

Please don't upload or use any material that you do not own usage rights for.

Terms & Conditions

Please note, all artworks will be published using CC0 Creative Commons licence.





Meet our members


Project is realized by Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and supported by Ministry of Culture and Media of Republic of Serbia


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